About Layla

Layla Éire started with.. well.. Layla (See ridiculously {Ok I'm bias} cute image below).
My husband Dave & I welcomed our pride & joy into the world in February 2021 and my god are we obsessed. I think I speak for every Mum & Dad when I say that!! When I am not looking at her I am looking at photos of her & when I wasn't talking to her I was talking about her. She is such a great little girl and we couldn't be happier. As Layla was born right in the midst of Covid-19, seeing friends & family didn't get to happen that much and to our surprise and gratefulness gifts started arriving in the post for her. It was such a lovely feeling and that's what sparked everything off. When Layla was 4 weeks old I decided to set up Layla Eire, a gift box company aimed at Mums & their new arrivals. It has been an exciting few months and I am super excited for lots of new mums to receive our gift boxes!
While we have tried to keep our gift box range sourced in Ireland it wasn't always possible. At the moment we source roughly 85% of our products from Ireland and hope to build on that in the future. We are constantly looking at new products to fill our boxes with so if you are someone with a baby/mum themed product please do get in contact!  We would love to chat! 
I hope you enjoy looking through our website. 
If you have any feedback, or any questions at all I would love to hear from you!  Have a great day, 
Laurie x
Layla, Ollie our cockapoo (can't leave him out) & My husband Dave & I.